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Fall in love with local maple syrup from Hampstead, NH

Chisholm Farm is located in Hampstead, NH, one of the 16 states capable of making and distributing local maple syrup. We have a long history with locally made maple syrup, delivering only the finest products to our customers.

We have a few local maple syrups that are available for limited times, including our:


  • Barrel-aged maple syrup
  • Bourbon barrels
  • Brandy barrels



We also offer cinnamon-, and vanilla-infused locally made maple syrup. Try something new with these bold flavor choices.


Our honey comes straight from the hive

Looking for a unique and uncommon experience? Try special honey from our local honey farm. Chisholm Farm will get high-quality honey to you and your customers.

We care for and keep the bees that make the honey, so it's an extra sweet satisfaction to taste the finished product. Order items from our local honey farm today.

Try our CBD-infused honey

For those seeking a new and different culinary experience, try using our turmeric- and CBD-infused honeys. Our infused honeys have been said to have several positive health benefits.

Users have reported positive results from using turmeric and CBD are known to alleviate basic bodily discomforts like muscle pain and headaches. It's your turn to try our CBD and turmeric infused products.

For a full body experience, order our infused honeys. See how our honey can open up both your body and your mind.