Trusting the Process for Over 38 Years

We are master maple syrup producers in Hampstead, NH

At Chisholm Farm, some of us have been maple syrup producers in Hampstead, NH for more than 38 years. We grew up making sweet syrup and natural honey. Over time, we've experimented to see how we could bring something new to the table.

As we got better at the production process, we developed our infused natural honey and barrel-aged maple syrup. We are growing to become a major maple syrup producer in the Hampstead, NH area.

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From sap to syrup

As we gained experience producing syrup, we fell in love with the process. Caring over a local honey bee farm is a lot of respectable work.

Our favorite part about making maple syrup is tapping the tree and slowly going through the motions to turn sap into syrup.

Whether we're tending to a local honey bee farm, or collecting sap in a bucket, Chisholm Farm is dedicated to these processes. We strive to continue innovating so you can continue to have delicious syrup.